Abba Ministries
Transition Housing for Christian Ministers and Missionaries

Abba Ministries
is a part of
Across International Ministries

Missionary Housing
A ministry of
Rancho de la Paz
and Abba Ministries

sunrise at Rancho


  • A place to rest and regroup between the time your missionary family lands at the airport and when you find an apartment, or you vacate your home and depart for the field.
  • A shelter during itineration for missionaries and traveling ministers who need a place for quiet restfulness, or just a good night's sleep.
  • A place where folks understand culture shock and jet lag.
  • Guest rooms for individuals, couples and families in ministry.
Housing is availlable for up to two weeks when rooms are available.
We are closed during July, August, and December.

Rancho de la Paz is a faith ministry.

We do not charge a set fee. However, there are operating expenses, so we do accept donations.

To inquire about room availability