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A Handy Booklet for Your Pocket

Relatively few Christian speakers have the privilege of speaking to audiences outside their own language group. Those who do have the joy of knowing their influence has been extended in a unique way.

With this privilege comes a responsibility to prepare ourselves, our message, and our interpreter, for maximum effectiveness.

Missionaries and traveling ministers, as well as interpreters from every region of the world, have been consulted in order to have the wide range of methods and opinions represented in this booklet.

You'll find this booklet so useful, you'll want to carry copies to share with other speakers and interpreters.

$3.00 each
6 copies for $12.00
12 copies for $20.00

Just as the message of the Cross of Christ would have no effect upon mankind unless someone delivers it to the lost, so the message of the minister can have no effect unless it is conveyed to the hearer in a language he can understand. An interpreter plays a unique role in delivering the most important message on earth in a way others can understand it.

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