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Youth With A Mission

Abba Ministries
Training today's generation to
effectively reach the world for Christ
Pete and Bev

Come Partner With Us!
Together we can work to further the Kingdom of Heaven through Spirit-led training, biblical counseling, and godly role modeling. Your generous financial support is crucial. Please take a moment to ask the Lord how you can be a part of what God is doing through Abba Ministries.

Support Abba Ministries
Abba Ministries is primarily funded by those who generously and faithfully support the ministry through monthly pledges and one-time gift donations. This allows us to provide ministry services at minimal or no cost to those we serve. The following are examples of what we are able to do with ministry donations:
  • offer counseling to ministers, missionaries, and church leaders,

  • teach and train in Marriage Seminars, Leadership Seminars, Discipleship Training Schools, and individual mentoring,

  • write and publish biblically-based material,
  • facilitate administrative needs for our covering ministry, Across International Ministries.
Because of your prayers and support we can help prepare the next generation of Christian leaders to reach our world for Christ.

Thank you for your gift and prayers!
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